Solaris core is a full node wallet which allows you to send and receive XLR coins. It downloads the Solaris blockchain and allows you to Stake Solaris with any amount you may have. Staking validates transactions and writes blocks to the blockchain while getting rewarded for each block you mine.

Solaris Core - V3.1.0.0

Released: August 19th 2020

An easy to understand and modern interface for all XLR transactions.

Downloads and validates the full Solaris blockchain, strengthening security and network.

Allows to stake XLR coins and get rewarded for it.

Supports Cold Staking, allowing you to delegate the staking to a different wallet that cannot transfer your funds. No need to run the wallet on your personal computer to get rewards!

Uses a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) architecture, allowing you to easily recover or migrate the wallet to other Solaris wallet implementations.